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asian baby

madness in my own home

1. Our new apartment can be a little loud, being on a high-traffic street and since we keep the windows open a lot.

2. We agreed, some time ago, that if we got another puppy, we'd name it "ROFL". (Pronounced "roffle".)

3. The bathroom is the only part of the apartment that has its own door, since the rest is open loft space.


4. Alaina spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed shouting "ROFL, sit! Sit ROFL. ROFL! ROFL!" at Nintendogs tonight.

It's nice to be home.


I'm confused. I don't want to sound crude, but was she in the bathroom because she didn't want to be loud? Or was she nintendoing while doing other things in there?
To be clear, there was no multitasking involved.

nintendogs is voice activated

i should have been clearer, she was in there so the game would understand here. single-tasking.