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On Vox: The Fist Bumper

As I've been trying to educate people via Twitter: THE FIST BUMP IS DEAD. (White people, I'm looking at you.) Please stop doing this now. It's over. The time has gone. As a public service, let me offer an illustration of what you will look like when I leave you hanging. (Thanks to Abe for the pic.)

Originally posted on anil.vox.com


Or, to put it another way, "What you think of me is none of my business" :7

Let's just add this to the long list of reasons I will never feel the need to try to be cool - it's too damn much work.

Being myself is too damn much work somedays, and that's at least satisfying.

LJ has a culture, doesn't it ...

... even when the "skyline" bg makes it look like Vox.

I was going to friend you as gnodal but heh, if yehr gonna fly under "FunkJournal" then I'm gonna expose my "WillowBear" persona.

Which brings me to my point: for as long as I've been here LJ has that sorta feel to it ... vaguely reminiscent of the park we used to take over socialize with our hippie bus ... given 1/2 chance most folk loosen up. (Sometimes too much / more than we need, but *shrug* is whot frenz are for, nae?)


ben.trem aka hfx-ben

(That's from the days of global IRC conferences with IndyMedia ... protocal was we'd nick with location_name, and I was in Halifax at the time.)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the fist-bump first done by Howie Mandell because he's a germ-o-phobe and hates shaking hands?

Also, for something completely different, check out this post. People want you back, to whip LJ back into shape.


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