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Hello, world and all that

I just got this lj2me mobile client for my phone and I have to admit, I'm kinda diggin it for updating my LJ. I need this kinda thing for my Vox and Twitter, too -- why do these things have different APIs again?


If your phone's a Nokia, there's a special Vox upload option. (Or do what I do and use the email post option. That's pretty API-free.) Also, why would you want something other than SMS for Twitter?
Yeah, I have a Blackberry, so no go. I want a client for stuff like reading my LJ friends page/Twitter stream. That's as interesting to me as updating.
Hmm. For the public LJ stuff and Twitter, have you tried Yahoo Pipes?

I can't see any way round reading a Lynx LJ feed for protected friends page content*, although if any passing commenters have an idea, there's a pint in it for you.

*wah, I wish OpenID did this.
Happy birthday :)