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bourne again

i'd never seen any of the Bourne Identity movies (I think my mom watched the old 80s miniseries back in the day) but I thought I'd watch the first movie in anticipation of watching Ultimatum, since everybody was raving about it. my verdict? meh.


I remember liking Identity around when it came out. I saw Supremacy on DVD and didn't like it much, but thought Ultimatum was pretty awesome.

Maybe it's not a small screen experience (or maybe they use hypnotic signals TVs can't put out).
1. There was a miniseries? Granted, not surprised I missed it. Back then, miniseries were something my mom watched, and usually were some dramatization of a multi-series novel I'd never read (often by Danielle Steele).

2. I've never seen any of the movies, either. No reflection on Damon - just that the genre doesn't appeal to me. There's gotta be a secondary reason for me to watch something in it.