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quick update for LJers (especially fandom)

i'm really trying *not* to turn my personal LJ into some secret back-channel community support blog, but i'm loving the thoughtful, constructive feedback i'm getting from folks and just wanted to let y'all know what's up. i'm collecting all the comments on my last post or two (and of course the whole team is reading everything written on lj_biz's comments) and will pass them on to the team.

it'll probably be a coupla days until I can do that -- my day job is getting Movable Type 4.0 launched right (yay! it's great! and it's gonna be open source soon, so we can even share stuff between MT and LJ) and assuming that all goes smoothly (HAH!) then i'll circle back with the LJ team and pass on what you've told me.

until then, my favorite LJ post of late is my friend and coworker lisa's post about bradfitz leaving Six Apart. Lisa's the oldest-school member of the LJ team, and i found her post really thoughtful and moving.
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