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Thanks, Brad.

Thanks and good luck to Brad -- can't wait to see what you do next. And a big hearty fuck-you to rumormongers who stir shit up just to demoralize people who do good work. If you don't have enough drama in your life, go make something that millions of people think is valuable.

Just to make it clear, my frustration was with Valleywag gossiping about Brad and LJ and 6A without ever contributing anything positive to our community. I was not complaining about anything that people have said on LJ. (Except giving a bunch of good charities a bum rap, but that was only a few folks.)

That being said, anybody in our community who's got something they want me to pass along to the LJ team (we're definitely listening, and working to improve how we communicate) is more than welcome to comment here or on email or anything else.


Except we are the people who create the content that your advertisers think is valuable, at least in terms of eyeballs we draw to the site. The only reason gossip-rag rumours are persisting is that it's been five days now without an official response from you folks.

So, noted, but please do try to direct your rage at those actually responsible for this whole mess: SixApart and LiveJournal.