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On Vox: Tha Ill Doctrine

For my (zero dollars) money, Jay Smooth is the best video blogger on the web. Witness the launch of Ill Doctrine. LOLCats? Check. Ze Frank name-check? Check? Credible rapping? Check? Actual editing? Check. Sooo good.

Originally posted on anil.vox.com


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he makes geek references.
yah, but i still don't get it.
maybe i'm just not hip like you kids these days.

but lolcats always puts a smile on my face. :)


Important people in my life were born on traditional American holidays intentionally as a clue that people should be celebrating something besides the holiday society recognizes:::
- 4th of July
- Halloween

The gods use these BLCloneHost tools in many ways. One way is in the context of dating.
They will justify the abuse by instructing the computer to create golddigging thoughts. Of course with Italians this thought isn't artificial because so many are an affront. But as I personally know anyone involved with these people are in trouble, for computer-inspired thoughts often will be compensated, a foreboding reality for the people of the 20th century.
They gods switch these tools for a new Brain-LessCloneHost and the computer pushes their date into perceiving a difference yet also pushes them into not caring or not wanting to see. The result is she ends up sleeping with multiple men.

First they create the problem, offer a solution/benefit and come across as your friend. Expect tactics like this are used to gain people's trust and compell them to engage in evil, like intentionally sabotage their children's lives for some empty promise of a big benefit.

Quit affecting my mind you fuckng joke of a combatant.
And this is how history will judge you based on the one (of few) time(s) a man was willing to take on the gods.
You suck CHEATER.
The GreenBay/LakeMichigan clue is about me.
The gods hate the disfavored's guts and want you all to fail.

They wanted to create enough doubt in people's minds:::
1. Credibility
2. Unemployment
3. Heavily repressed learning curve
4. Artificial Intelligence-created thoughts and behavior
5. The gods manufactured the freedom to argue that Quasi-Holocaust was not a real Jewish clue specifically to create this doubt.
There are lots of other examples too. This is a way to minimize the help, maximize the "back-hand" (boss) and ensure few were receptive despite the god's pathological behavior spammed on the internet for the world to see.
They shared with me a number of "4.6%." This 4.6% may refer to my effectiveness or perhaps the overall save rate. If so expect the black save rate to be WELL under 1%.

The gods are preditory on children:::Orphanages.
Orphanages would be very special places if they still existed:::Specialists for the state would have instituted concrete, positive standards for the healthy rearing of children. These institutions would have been role models for poor parents, and they gods didin't want THE MOST healthy institutions in place for the most disfavored among us.
It would never have been tolerated.
So the gods instituted the foster care system, used these monsters they have on Earth, brain-less Clone host, to facilitate the switch/ridicule the old system. Now we have disfavored kids micromanaged as per each's disfavor level instead of them all placed in an orphange where the gods would have been forced to apply healthy state standars.
They won't tolerate reverse irony::::The most disfavored among us would be the ones with the best chance.
Of course most of the foster care kids (pc) were black.

The optimal ascention senario is when parents depart Earth with their young children BEFORE their minds are posioned by this society. The next best-case senario is when an individual finds the path themself and makes their way out before puberty.
Children who go up before puberty are candidates to remain the most superior of all life forms::The asexual. Expect these people to experience subsequent temptations once they arrive to further shrink the pool of candidates. Another example males are inferior to females:::Expect circumcision to play a part in this elimination round.
I think these are the TRUE candidates for immortality. This is not to say there won't be sexualized people who make it, but those who do likely practice minimally and monogamously in the context of marriage, and that would exclude most if not all from modern society.
The sexualization of children is yet another example proving the gods are preditory on children::::It eliminates these individuals from contention immediately.


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