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On Vox: Finally read The Namesake

The Namesake: A Novel
Jhumpa Lahiri

Since we haven't seen the movie yet, I figured I'd finally get around to reading The Namesake. I had been delaying it for a long time because I was a little intimidated by what I'd heard about the story, and because it's been about a decade since I've read any fiction at all. (Seriously!)

Unsurprisingly, I loved the book (to an approximation, this is my story too) so hopefully i will get a few minutes to write up a proper review later. Until then, go get a copy or borrow your friends' and read it yourself.

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you *must* see the movie... its beautiful. i didn't like the book as much as the film.

i got a copy of it in "little india" bootleg (i know that's so bad, i saw it in the theater too!)

i think so many people can identify with it, it's what makes it really well done and important.

small hands designs

The Namesake

Yeah, it's a decent book.

And it's by an Indian, so national pride and all.

But personally, I didn't find it that interesting. It seemed boring to me.

But, then again, I've been told I have a peculiar taste in books.