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prince points


people ask why all prince fans have a love/hate relationship with the little man. perhaps this will explain it.

love: prince is coming to sf! monday night!
hate: but he's only the "special guest" of his latest protege chick
love: but she is actually fairly talented
hate: but we have to sit through her whole set to see if prince plays anything

anyway, *I* am going, naturally. anybody else wanna go?


You see this yet?
one of the all-time great prince/mj video outtakes, right up there with prince's first appearance with wendy where he debuted purple rain.

or, um, so i've heard.
hee hee hee, your icon's awesome...and i'm kinna apprehensive about this new protege he's got, because he's got quite a history of picking out females who pretty much bomb/disappear soon after he introduces 'em (th' fuck happened to millenia?!).

at least i don't think this time around people gotta worry about if they got something going on on the side, like with vanity and jill and carmen and such.
I'm going to arrive one week too late! :(
Who is the latest chick?