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Soup Dumplings!

As most people who know me know, I loves me some soup dumplings. Today, we tried making them.

Niman Ranch ground pork? Good choice! Chopping up my own ginger and scallions using my new (wedding registry!) Global knives? Perfect. Substituting glace de poulet for the broth aspic? I'm a genius!

But. We used frozen dumpling wrappers from Chinatown. And they're the thick(-ish) kind for serious, plump dumplings. So, thus far, the soup dumplings are turning out to have chewy wrappers. :(

Next time, though, they're going to kick ass. The pork and the broth inside the dumplings is perfect. Now I just need to find/make a thinner wrapper. Perhaps wonton wrappers would work.


next time

we will make wrappers from scratch. it's really easy, we can roll 'em to the correct size (XL!), and it will be delicious. we should also get a full-size bamboo steamer.
That sounds delicious. You made me realize I forgot dinner... hmm, whoops...
if we can get 'em to come out right, i'll bring some in and you can try them out.