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White people are crazy!

Now, I love white people. Some of my best friends are white people. My family's chock full of white people! But.

Cathy Gatley, co-president of Monta Vista High School's parent-teacher association, recently dissuaded a family with a young child from moving to Cupertino because there are so few young white kids left in the public schools. "This may not sound good," she confides, "but their child may be the only Caucasian kid in the class."

President of the PTA! The only white kids left! Oh noes! And why is it so horrible for these kids? Are they beaten up? Harassed? Called names? No. They're being exposed to kids who get good grades.

Oh the humanities. The horror. It goes on:

Mr. Rowley, the school superintendent, however, concedes that a perception exists that's sometimes called "the white-boy syndrome." He describes it as: "Kids who are white feel themselves a distinct minority against a majority culture."

Funny that the parents never considered that might be a *good* thing. I sure found it helpful for me; It's made me more adaptable and I've found it easier to fit in with different groups. Stupid parents.

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