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White people are crazy!

Now, I love white people. Some of my best friends are white people. My family's chock full of white people! But.

Cathy Gatley, co-president of Monta Vista High School's parent-teacher association, recently dissuaded a family with a young child from moving to Cupertino because there are so few young white kids left in the public schools. "This may not sound good," she confides, "but their child may be the only Caucasian kid in the class."

President of the PTA! The only white kids left! Oh noes! And why is it so horrible for these kids? Are they beaten up? Harassed? Called names? No. They're being exposed to kids who get good grades.

Oh the humanities. The horror. It goes on:

Mr. Rowley, the school superintendent, however, concedes that a perception exists that's sometimes called "the white-boy syndrome." He describes it as: "Kids who are white feel themselves a distinct minority against a majority culture."

Funny that the parents never considered that might be a *good* thing. I sure found it helpful for me; It's made me more adaptable and I've found it easier to fit in with different groups. Stupid parents.




Mr. Dash, as we have recently established that you are indeed a fellow asian, I trust that you will not compromise "phase 2" of our plan.

I'm prone to clairvoyant flashes ...

... and I can see audiobook titles from the future: David Horowitz will narrate Jonathan Kozol's "Savage Inequalitites II: Electric Boogaloo" and Beverly Tatum's "Why Are All The White Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?"
But, see, you forget. If there weren't any close-minded bigots left in the world we might actually have a good education system.

I'm just sayin'.


a minority whitey

In central florida, I went to a high school that was 80% spanish, 10% white, 4% black and six more miscellaneous ethnicities.

It's a humbling experience because you don't feel as comfortable performing all the actions and mannerisms and language that you learned from your family (unless you've got an Angelina Jolee rainbow family).

But I have to say, if you were the ONLY one of your "tribe", it could cause self-esteem issues and ethnicities should cluster at the very least in family units so they don't lose their heritage or their sense of self-worth.
This is not to say the mere presence of a majority makes one feel inadequate--it's the things that a majority does that make the minority feel bad.
Especially with kids, they get so cocky in groups.


racism is dumb. No, realyy racist=stupid as hell

That woman is a dumbass. somone should have told her like they said in Glory Road: "Welcome to the back of the bus" (b-----h).



Re: racism is dumb. No, realyy racist=stupid as hell

I agree, I think all racists should be detained in camps and probably eventually shot. Racism is not the issue but rather racists, please join me in eliminating all racists.