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faux_diamonds posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 09:49

Batman Returns! Jaden Smith Reprises The Outfit He Wore To Kim Kardashian's Wedding ...

... as he poses at Comic-Con in white superhero costume

Superhero: Jaden Smith sported a white Batman costume at Comic-Con in San Diego, California on Friday

Jaden Smith's white Batman costume was quite a hit when he wore it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding in Florence last May.

And the 15-year-old actor reprised the cloak and cowl at Comic-Con in San Diego, California on Friday. The Pursuit Of Happyness star went for pure white instead of the typical grey and black, and was pictured striking poses as he got in character. The suit featured white boots, tights,with a matching cape and cowl as he wore white leather fingerless gloves.

Jaden, whose parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, likely had many Comic-Con folks asking to take a photo with him.

He attended the world premiere of the first episode of Fox miniseries Wayward Pines, an upcoming 10-episode drama based on the best-selling novel by Blake Crouch. Jaden posed with executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, who also directed the first episode, and is known for his work on The Sixth Sense and The Last Airbender.

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xadyx posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 09:48

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Blogs About Her High School Prom

Ready to feel old?

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, who goes by Lola, is a high school graduate. And proving that all teens are pretty much the same, Material Mother or not, the 17-year-old grad wrote a blog post to express herself and give people an update on her life.

"HEY to all the readers," she wrote. "I don’t know if u heard (sarcasm) but I GRADUATED. GRAAAAAD. UATED. From High School. It’s very difficult to wrap my head around because I feel like its something I’ve been talking about FOR EVER and it finally happened. There also isn’t the ominous presence of another year of high school and test taking up ahead like there usually is when you’re about mid way into the beautiful summer."

She also shared that she attended prom and it was, you know, prom-like. "What can I say? Those of you who have been probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course I had a beautiful time but I’ll attribute that to the fact that I partied with my awesome friends all night. Not to mention awkwardly avoiding teachers because you may or may not have had some champagne and it would be weird to talk to them."

She concluded her message: "I hope you all are having an amazing summer and I HOPE you all are able to experience some live music somewhere, whom ever your favorite artists may be. PEACE!! -LOLAXO"

People reports Lourdes is expected to attend the University of Michigan (where Madonna was briefly a student) in the fall.
Any prom memories you'd like to share ONTD?
tracerbullitt posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 09:48

A Columnist At The Guardian Argues That Chris Pratt Is Now The Superior Chris In Hollywood

It’s getting so that every new blockbuster franchise movie seems to star somebody named Chris, and I for one am starting to feel my head spin. Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt: suddenly everyone has these utterly forgettable and bland Anglo-Saxon names that all merge for me into a blur of befuddled non-recognition. Some of them look as if they had success hardwired into their genes by virtue of parentage and who-you-know. The satisfying thing is that the best of them came from nothing whatsoever, with no indication anywhere in his background that movie stardom was in his future.

let's review the evidence in light of this new argumentCollapse )

+ on the topic of Chris Pratt, some new pics courtesy of the NYTCollapse )

The Guardian
NYT (there's also a Pratt interview at this source)

Do, you agree or disagree, ONTD?
The fact that he didn't even include Hemsworth is a massive red flag, imo.

__papillon posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 06:22

Footballers Joey Barton and Yossi Benayoun become involved in Twitter row over Israel-Gaza conflict

Joey Barton and Yossi Benayoun were involved in a Twitter spat today over the divisive conflict between Gaza and Israel.

Barton, well known for making social comment and quoting The Smiths and Nietzsche on Twitter, spoke out about the 18-day-old conflict which has left over 800 dead - the vast majority of which have been Palestinian.

"The attack on the school in Beit Hanoun is deplorable. #StopKillingChildrenInGaza," wrote Barton this morning.

He continued: "If this was anybody else but Israel the West would intervene. It cannot continue. Innocent children being slaughtered. This must stop.

"How can a God stand by and watch this? Or even condone this? Is this all part of his master plan?

"The UN attempting to evacuate the school when the bombing took place? Asked IDF for window to evacuate. Not given. Children die as a result."

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boundarybreaks posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 06:19

Justin Bieber -- Pays Visit To Probation Dept.

Justin Bieber began paying his dues for his vandalism conviction in the egging case, by meeting with his probation officer ... TMZ has learned.

Bieber and his lawyer, Shawn Holley, showed up at the Probation Dept. at the Santa Monica Courthouse Friday afternoon. They spent an hour with the probation officer.

Sources say they discussed the requirements of his probation, which include NOT breaking any laws and completing his anger management and community service on time.

Bieber pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism and was ordered to attend 12 anger management classes, complete 5 days of community service and pay $80K for the damage he caused.

boundarybreaks posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 06:18

Kendra Wilkinson -- Closing Down The Club ... Hank Nowhere In Sight

Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett is officially on the rocks ... as were all the drinks last night at Warwick, where Kendra was partying until early this morning -- minus Hank.

Kendra spent the evening/morning drinking and dancing with a large group of friends at the owner's table ... sources tell TMZ.

The photo clearly shows her behind the velvet ropes in the middle of a rocking dance floor.

Reports of the couple's impending demise have been well documented after Hank's alleged affair with transsexual model Ava London.

Kendra hasn't worn her wedding ring in public for weeks ... and Hank continues to beg for forgiveness on a daily basis.

The chances of them getting back together keep looking worse and worse ... despite the two giving birth to their second child just two months ago.


Hank has continued wearing his wedding ring recently, but Kendra took hers off weeks ago.
glas_smaragaide posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 06:18

New HORNS Trailer SDCC

Daniel Radcliffe is working it at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend.
Horns debuted it's new full trailer at SDCC on Mtv.com. Dan already appeared on the panel and strutted around in a Spidey costume so he could fully experience the convention.

So, I'm not sure what's up with this iframe embed. There are two links to the video below.

 photo tumblr_n9atxhJc2z1s9suwso6_500_zps0c1d09dc.jpg

Spidey BollocksCollapse )
vector_pole posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:20

Miami court strikes down Florida marriage ban

A state court in Miami-Dade County on Friday struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, making for the second ruling against the law within the span of two weeks.

In a 36-page ruling, Judge Sarah Zabel of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court determined the state’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the Equal Protection Clause under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“Preventing couples from marrying solely on the basis of their sexual orientation serves no governmental interest,” Zabel writes. “It serves only to hurt, to discriminate, to deprive same-sex couples and their families of equal dignity, to label and treat them as second-class citizens, and to deem them unworthy of participation in one of the fundamental institutions of our society.”

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cageyb posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:19

Michelle Obama and Daughters Sasha and Malia Attend the Hottest Tour of The Summer

Safe to say Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia are crazy in love with Beyoncé's music. The first lady and her two gorgeous girls attended Queen Bey and hubby Jay Z's On the Run concert last night in Chicago while President Barack Obama was busy visiting California. A sneaky Instagram user snapped a shot of the trio while posing for a selfie, and clearly, Michelle, Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, are enjoying the power couple's performance. The FLOTUS showed off her toned arms in a simple sleeveless ensemble, while her daughters were also dressed casual for the occasion.
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isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:19


Eileen Davidson Will Make $750,000 On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Emmy award winning soap opera star Eileen Davidson just inked a deal to appear on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a whopping $750,000, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The veteran Days of Our Lives and Young & The Restless are “has indeed signed on to join the cast for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was only working on a limited basis for DOOL and Y&R. Eileen has a huge fan following, and will be paid for $750,000, which is a record for a new cast member.

There are very interesting dynamics between Eileen and fellow cast member and soap sudser, Lisa Rinna. Everyone will be extremely surprised by their relationship,”
a show insider told Radar.

The ladies of the 90210 also recently received huge pay raises as well.

“Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Yolanda Foster are each earning the most at $500,000,” a production insider revealed. “Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna will be making $450,000.”

Before their huge pay raises, Vanderpump had been raking in $250,000 a season, followed by Richards also at $200,000, and her sister Kim Richards and Foster rounding out the bottom with $100,000 a piece.

As one source previously explained, “Bravo loves the nucleus of these four women, even when they’re fighting with each other! They always bring drama and glamor to the show. The network has resolved that it wants to bring them all back.”

+ All My Children Alum Cast In American Horror Story! + Verbotene Liebe Cancelled! + Shemar Moore Returns To The Young and the Restless! + More News! + Flashback Friday! + Previews For Next Week!Collapse )
the_ocean_club posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:18

Because we all deserve more than one Solange in our lives

20-year-old singer of song Solange Hilario is almost certainly one of the current pop landscape’s Top 2 Solanges. Her debut single, ‘Tick Tock’, is out on July 27 and here’s the video.

It’s good isn’t it? It doesn’t really sound like much to start with, then by about a minute and a half in you realize it’s actually pretty special.

The basic story with Solange is that she once came fourth on Portuguese Idol but more recently she’s been working with All About She, Red Triangle and Cutfather.

whitefox posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:17

Taylor Swift: 'My high school pictures are tragic'

Taylor Swift is known for her impeccable style these days, but the pop star reveals she wasn't always so sartorially savvy.
'Everyone's got some embarrassing photo. My high school pictures are, like ... it's tragic,' the 24-year-old says in a video interview with Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan.
She adds: 'My style forever was going to be cornrows. I took my school picture with the cornrows. It really thrust me into understanding what it's like to not have anywhere to sit in the cafeteria.'

src | 2

hbu? did you grow into your looks??
sunsettwist posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:16

sky ferreira is the face of the weeknd's "king of the fall"

Pop underdog Sky Ferreira has lent her modeling skills to such brands as Calvin Klein, Forever 21, and Redken, and she can now add The Weeknd to her long list of collaborators. The "I Blame Myself" singer lends her signature pout to the cover artwork for the Canadian artist's latest track, "King of the Fall." No word yet on whether this is the extent of the musicians' collaborative efforts.

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+2 nsfwCollapse )

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xoxobliss posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 04:15



Howard Stern says things other entertainers dare not discuss. That typically involves breast size, lesbian encounters and other titillating topics.
This week, Stern said something almost unheard of in celebrity circles. If you're anti-Israel you're also anti-America.

Stern took a caller who wondered if Stern might change his tune on Israel given the current fighting in the Middle East. Stern wasn't having it.
"Israel's at no fault," he says.

"Jews get enough shit all over the world ... Jews are the indigenous people of that area," he says. "The Arabs don't even want those Palestinians .. nobody wants them."
The star of Private Parts was just warming up.

"If you're anti-Israel you're anti-America. [It's] the only democracy over there, the only friend we have .. who's willing to fight and stand up for what's right."
Stern slammed Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd legend who supports an Israeli boycott and speaks repeatedly about the evils of Israeli actions.

The radio host then compared the median salaries of Israelis and Palestinians, noting how much the former group created within land lacking abundant natural resources.
He parceled plenty of blame on the Palestinians for embracing the militant group Hamas, a group he says cares more about weapons than the basic needs of the populace.

"Instead of being mad at the fucking terrorists raping their country ... that they're not angry with. They're angry with Israel," he says. "They elected terrorists to run their country."

dib0n posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 03:32

One Direction's You & I Video Shoot Causes Tourism Boost For Clevedon Pier

One Direction filmed their You & I music video at Clevedon Pier in March, and their appearance has apparently led to a tourism boost for the pier located in Somerset. It seems that young fans turn up to the pier in hopes of retracing the steps that the guys of One Direction did for their music video.

Pier mistress Linda Strong spoke to the Bristol Post about the boost in tourism.

“The average age of our visitors must have dramatically dropped as hundreds and hundreds of youngsters visit wanting to be captured on film and fans have been retracing 1D's steps, shooting copycat videos,” she revealed. "Our most frequently asked questions are about 1D's visit.”
watCollapse )
sharknbark posted to ohnotheydidnt July 26 2014, 03:32

Bachelorette Alum Marcus Grodd Engaged to Bachelor in Paradise Costar Lacy Faddoul

Good Grodd! Bachelorette alum Marcus Grodd thought he'd found The One in Andi Dorfman, only to be sent away with a broken heart after the season 10 hometown dates earlier this year. Thanks to the new franchise spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, though, he's in love once again—this time with a contestant from Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor, Lacy Faddoul [a woman].

A source confirms to Us Weekly that Grodd and Faddoul got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, which filmed in June and will premiere on ABC in early August. (Noted Bachelor/Bachelorette blogger Reality Steve was first to report the proposal.)

MoreCollapse )


For the 10 other people who will be watching this show. Also, Lacy pic at source; the other guy is NOT Lacy (he's Chris, another Bachelorette contestant).

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